Scarlet Coven Isis (Palette #72)

Scarlet Coven Isis (Palette #72)

Anonymous said: she is actually less caucasian now. she is just pale because of the makeup (caucacian =/= literally white like your blog's background.). she was causasian before.

I know that pale skin in China is considered attractive. But please, take a look at this.

Sorry for being rather vague previously, but I was never talking about her skin, but rather her face and overall “clothing” design. 

Let’s have a comparison.

Chang’e Splash art

Chang’e in-game model: 


The remodeled NuWa

NuWa in-game model

and now for OLD NuWa.

Splash Art

In-Game model

Do you see the difference?

Anonymous said: I demand Artemis x Artemis fanart! rite nao


Anonymous said: You realize the old nu wa was "fanservice the goddess V 2.0" (Neith being the first.)? The new model is much more accurrate to her lore and the fashion of those times (it's not 100% accurrate though, because she is supposed to be a snake with a woman head slapped on top of it, and that wouldn't work very well as a character.). She even has more clothes on now, she just has more underboob aswell.

Yes, I do know that her new model is more accurate to her lore. 

But, if it weren’t for the title of “NuWa remodel”, people can see her as some sort of Greek goddess. Kind of like Aphro draped in sheets with an old Kali underboob.

In other words she looks too Caucasian to be a Chinese Goddess. In her splash art she’s also a ginger (but that just might be from the lighting).

It’s just my opinion, of course. I just really hope that HiRez won’t change her VP and/or kit too much. ;__;

I honestly don’t know how to react.

HiRez what.


Sing it Dolly


Much better.


Sing it Dolly


Much better.

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Doodling some Scarlet Coven Isis



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All I can think of when I look at the last one is

Whilst under the fking ocean.

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Scarlet Coven Isis Sketch.

Scarlet Coven Isis Sketch.